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Merging Tech and Live Music For Events

Imagine the last wedding or corporate event you attended where there was a live band performing. How did you and other guests interact with the band? Did they take requests or just smile and nod and tell you to ask the DJ to play it?

What if the way you could interact with live bands could be made easier? How does being able to request songs through  touch-screen "Jukeboxes" near the stage or using your smartphone, where you can also interact with, and text chat with the band? Better yet, the live band can see which songs are trending and have the most requests. 

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, thanks to uRequest Live, it is now a reality!

Best of all, the request list provided to guests can be customized and tailored to fit a specific genre, theme, or limited to specific types of songs you want to play at your event. Plus, you can decide how long you want to enable “All Request Live” at your event and how often. 

For instance, at wedding receptions this feature is great to use to keep guests entertained while they wait for the newly married couple to arrive. You may also decide to schedule request sessions in smaller half hour segments at various times throughout the event, or allow guests to make requests for the entire time the band is scheduled to perform. The choice is yours!

Using “uRequest Live” provides a unique experience, not only for your guests, but also for the band since they get to have enhanced interactions with guests and provide a truly one-of-kind experience everyone at your event will remember long after. 


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